Our commitment to sustainability


In order to ensure that the generated energy is as environmentally friendly as possible, Grande Dixence SA introduced a certified environmental management system (ISO 14001) in July 2001. Moreover, the electricity generated at Grande Dixence has also been awarded the naturemade basic seal of quality (January 2002). These labels are reissued on a regular basis.

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Safety and awareness

Rivers downstream of the dams, water catchments and hydroelectric power stations can be dangerous. Sluicing and the discharge of water is carried out on a regular basis, especially in summer, causing sudden rises of the water levels. Islands, gravel banks and riverbanks can quickly become submerged.

Since 2007, there has been a sustained campaign of announcements in local media (newspapers and radio) to increase the risk awareness of the users of the footpaths in the area. In addition, students are employed at various locations to warn hikers of the dangers.

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